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From TiCon for S/4HANA, to MTM-Easy, to TiCon for Web
MTM development team has its sights firmly set on the cloud

MTM SUMMIT 2021 + EAWS International Symposium (EIS)
Siemens presents new generation of human simulation technology

For MTM Instructors around the world
Position paper on MTM-UAS supports uniform application

MTM training
Blue and green cards now available on smartphones
July 2021

Dear Dr. Mustermann,                                                           
Where can we reach you right now? At your workplace in the company or in your home office? Or already on a well-deserved vacation? Either way, we'll keep you up to date with news from the MTM community.

We are particularly pleased with the great interest in online training. This year, we're sure to top the 1,500 or so participants we had in 2020. In May, the MTM Academy already counted more than 1,400 participants. In this newsletter, you can read how to get the new digital version of the Blue and Green Cards and brush up on your MTM skills.

MTM software users may be interested to know that our developers are increasingly working on cloud solutions – there's an update on this in this newsletter, too.

You know the most important date of the year: the MTM SUMMIT on October 20/21, 2021 in Hamburg & online. If you decide to participate virtually until July 31, you save 160 € per ticket! Details about the program and registration also in presence you can read here in the newsletter and on

I wish you inspiring reading!

Peter Kuhlang
Managing Director

20.07.2021 | MTM & EAWS Practicioner and Instructor Lounge

20./21.10.2021 | MTM SUMMIT 2021 + EAWS International Symposium (EIS)
Trainings in English – Webinars
MTM-Logistics NEW 13.09.–17.09.21
MTM-Logistics (Standard operations) 15.09.–17.09.21
MTM-1 Base: 04.10.–08.10.21
MTM-SD: 11.10.–15.10.21
MTM-UAS: 15.11.–19.11.21
MTM-Practitioner: 29.11.–03.12.21
EAWS: 08.11.–12.11.21
EAWS-Practitioner: 22.11.–26.11.21
MTM-HWD: 13.12.–17.12.21

Trainings in English Webinars (for the Asian region)
MTM-UAS: 09.08.–13.08.21
MTM-Practitioner: 16.08.–20.08.21
MTM-Instructor: 23.08.–27.08.21

Trainings in Turkish Webinars
MTM-1 Base: 11.10.–15.10.21
MTM-1 (second week): 08.11.–12.11.21
Through the partner network One-MTM we support you in planning MTM trainings all over the world. For international instruction and training please contact our team per e-mail:

MTM-1, MTM-2, MTM-UAS, MTM-MEK, MTM-SD, MTM-HWD, MTM-Easy and EAWS are registered trademarks of the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. All rights reserved.

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